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Apple is attempting to trademark the word ‘startup’

File photo of Apple headquarters (© Marcio Jose Sanchez/AP)

In a brazen move, Apple filed an application in Australia two days ago to trademark the word “startup.” The application seeks to use the trademark in relation to a wide swath of Apple’s services and products; basically they want to have a sole claim to the use of the word across retail, education, promotion… don’t be surprised if you start getting dinged for referring to “startups” in your iPhone’s text messages. (Just kidding. But not really.) Apple has actually already attempted to trademark the word in China and the U.S., though objections to the U.S. filing naturally, have been raised. What’s downright Machiavellian about this filling is that, thanks to a quirk of international trademark law, if the application goes through in Australia, other countries will be compelled to honor it. Don’t drop the ball on this, Australia!


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